About Me


Chris Francis

Hello.  I am Chris.  Thank you for taking time to visit my website.  I suppose if I had to use one phrase to describe myself it would be “enigmatic anomaly.”  I open up to few people because I have realized most find it hard to understand me for one reason or another, unless they really take time to get to know me. It’s true I can be complicated as I think as deeply as I feel but I do try as hard as I can to let the Lord use me to bless others. Being a complicated thinker may make for good writing but it also makes for hard living at times. I find keeping things simple can be very hard work as I speak and think on many different levels and angles. I often speak like I write poetry: people have to be able to read between the lines and enjoy symbolism.

I am very analytical, logical, creative, and naturally observant. When assessing a problem I look at both the smallest detail and the bigger picture and everything in between. I completed a Jung Personality Test a few years ago and was described as an ISFJ (Introvert-Senser-Feeler-Judger.) I found this to mostly be an accurate but not comprehensive assessment. I don’t like labels, for example, I don’t believe in becoming a member of one church or denomination. However, I do believe in being loyal and faithful to one local church as part of the larger Bride of Christ. I find loyalty comes easily to me (and it probably should as it’s all I have ever known since I am a twin.) As such, I am not afraid of commitment and being loyal to those I care about.

I also have a tremendous disdain for cliches. I strive very much to be as original as I can in my writing and find avoiding cliches can sometimes be challenging- especially in the area of romantic poetry. Regarding the origin of the title of this blog, many years ago it was meant to be a novel but the plot lay dormant while I realized I was living it out. I had thought of trying to publish a book of short stories and poetry until the Lord started prodding me last fall to start a blog. As I contemplated it and looked back over my life, I began to realize that a lot of what I have experienced could summarily be categorized as dealing with questions like, “Is God toying with me? Does He really care- about me, about giving me a life worth living, about fulfilling the destiny He has for me, about healing me in the many ways needed? Why does He allow afflictions, disappointments, etc.? And why won’t He always let me figure out all of the reasons behind what He allows and does, and His timing?” Questions like these I have pondered intensely for years and He is still working in and through me to get me to the place He wants me to be and to become who He wants me to be. Indeed, this whole year has been a challenge and one of the hardest of my life as God has been testing me and my faith. The point is: a lot of what I have to say regarding God, my life, and on various subjects seems to be encapsulated in the questions behind and purpose of the title of this blog. (For more information on the purpose of the blog, please read my Blog Manifesto.)

To tell you a little bit more about me as a person: I have known that God is real and the Bible true all my life as my mother read the Bible to my brother and me in the womb. (Of course, this doesn’t mean I didn’t have to be led to the Cross by the Holy Spirit to repent and ask Jesus to be my savior.) I grew up near the Mason-Dixon line and can easily switch accents between Yankee and Southern. I love tea and am something of an Anglophile after visiting London years ago (though Paris was amazing in its own right.)  My favorite book is the Bible but my favorite period of literature is the 19th because of the depth and variety of formats and authors. It was a fascinating century as a whole lot changed both in the world and in literature during this period.  I graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in English Literature and Language.  I consider myself to be something of an imperfect Renaissance man with many interests and pursuits that I will never find enough time for including: reading, writing, music, history, art, philosophy, cooking, etymology, following baseball, working out, and spending time with and mentoring my soon to be 12 nieces and nephews. Currently I am rediscovering the pleasure of pursuing God through prayer, praise, and just being still before Him and enjoying His presence.

I am honored you would take time to visit my blog and read my writing. It is my honest prayer that after visiting my blog that God would not be an enigmatic anomaly but become your greatest treasure and reason for living. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are inclined and I will do my best to respond to you. You can also contact me at: theploysofheaven@gmail.com