The Redemption of Loneliness- Part II

  Just where can we begin to find out if any good can come from loneliness?  I assert that the place to start is by examining the most lonely experience this earth has ever known, which is not only the place that loneliness can be ended once and for all but is the ultimate proof [...]

The Redemption of Loneliness- Part I

    Loneliness can be more constant a companion than those expected to be its demise.  Many of us assume we know the definition of loneliness, as if we memorized its meaning the moment we learned to spell it. Loneliness:  the state of finding oneself alone and not wanting to be. But is there something [...]

Underweight- Part IV

  “Maybe we can still try to get to know him a little,” Stacey offered. “Tom, do you still have Mr. Felder’s notebook?” “What?!” Michael exclaimed in disbelief. As Tom pulled out the notebook from his messenger bag, he proceeded to relay the events from the previous night. In doing so, he realized the reason [...]

Underweight- Part III

  Shortly afterwards Tom and Michael left with their minds focused on the mystery of Jonathan Felder and his hatred of rain. The next few days saw plenty of rain and attempts by Tom and Michael to make sense of the questions posed by Felder to Stacey and the mystical answers he had provided. Naturally, [...]

Underweight- Part II

    As Jonathan Felder recounted his love-forsaken youth, Tom and Michael each took another glance at him. “That is definitely a man deep in thought,” Tom surmised. “He looks like he’s so unaware of anything but his contemplations.” “He’s known for that. It’s as if all that matters to him are his random thoughts,” [...]

Underweight- Part I

[This is my longest and most complex short story to date and will be published in 4 parts.  Symbolism plays an important role and is the key to understanding both the story and the title.] “Who’s the strange looking dude in the corner?” Tom asked upon entering A.T.’s Cafe. “Oh, he’s one of those mind-your-own [...]

The Audience of One

Awaken! Hurry now! Awaken! The dawn is past The noon is done And the night is come. We need not flee anymore Safety is found In the arms of the darkness Shame is absent In this place Where no one pays heed To your name Or seeks your face. Speak And I will listen Hear [...]

The Parable of Time’s Redemption

[I consider this to be my first decent short story.  When I finished it, I felt I had grown much as a writer though I was cognizant (and still am) that I have much more to learn.] Crushed. Devastated. Destroyed. Only three of the words he would have chosen to describe the effects of this [...]

Little Eyes

Burn little eyes With anger beyond hope Scorn all who Care not look at them. Hide little eyes From beyond the scope Of not one or two But all so-called friends. Offer not little eyes Glances never noticed nor wanted Abandon the desires That have already abandoned you. Proffer not thoughts you prize To the [...]