Thoughts on Faith And Disappointment

Is part of walking by faith never feeling disappointed by God? That even if He doesn’t move today we don't allow ourselves to become disappointed, but choose to continue to trust and patiently believe He will move in His perfect timing?  Can we truly say that it is possible to be disappointed by one Who [...]

The Gloaming (Short Story Version- Part V)

Part V:  Evening’s Rest and Rebirth   My thoughts are interrupted by a strange and benevolent voice. “Why are you troubled?” the physician asks tenderly. I find little courage to answer for obviously I am in the presence of one greater than myself.  I try to get the words out yet stumble in my efforts.  [...]

The Gloaming (Short Story Version- Part IV)

  Part IV:  The Gloaming Each step becomes heavier than the last.  The setting of the sun begins in earnest, seemingly outpacing my efforts to outrun it.  The wind picks up, carrying with it the cries of the evening wolves.  Upon entering the outskirts of the town, the size and noise of the crowd only [...]

The Gloaming (Short Story Version- Part III)

Part III:  A Key Conversation   The next town is so near I can hear some commotion overtaking my own thoughts. “What’s going on here?” I manage to ask as I stumble upon someone wearily.  It doesn’t help people are pushing me as they strive to run past me.  I ask again what all the [...]

The Gloaming (Short Story Version- Part II)

Part II: Noonday Strivings Whatever hope I found lying alongside the road earlier today is beginning to dissipate in the heat of the noonday sun and the scorn of passersby. Though not an unfamiliar experience, I am the subject of their inquisitive stares with their eyes expressing unvoiced questions of: “Will he make it? Will [...]

The Gloaming (Short Story Version- Part I)

Part I:  Morning's Choice Though my eyes found little sleep, I arose early this morning, finding a bit of optimism with the first rays of sun on my face.  The pain of my reality again reminded me of its faithful companionship, despite never being officially invited. For a moment, I debate whether my optimism is [...]

The Gloaming (Short Story Version- Preface)

(This is a short story I started many years ago based on Luke 4:40.  It is meant to provide hope for those in desperate situations, even "when the sun is setting..."  It will be published in several parts.) Preface:  The Penultimate Night I cannot forbid the lateness of this hour.  I cannot seem to finish [...]

Thoughts on Isaiah 42:16

  Isaiah 42:16:  And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known:  I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight.  These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them.”   Where should we begin with [...]

Comments On My Writing

(I wrote these thoughts on my writing many years ago and my perspective has not changed.) In the midst of a culture filled with pain, hopelessness, selfishness, confusion, and every evil work, there is an honest (though sometimes whispered,) longing and cry for Truth.  Entrenched in a subculture of Christians who know the Truth but [...]