Underweight- Part I

[This is my longest and most complex short story to date and will be published in 4 parts.  Symbolism plays an important role and is the key to understanding both the story and the title.] “Who’s the strange looking dude in the corner?” Tom asked upon entering A.T.’s Cafe. “Oh, he’s one of those mind-your-own [...]

The Parable of Time’s Redemption

[I consider this to be my first decent short story.  When I finished it, I felt I had grown much as a writer though I was cognizant (and still am) that I have much more to learn.] Crushed. Devastated. Destroyed. Only three of the words he would have chosen to describe the effects of this [...]

Prodigal Thoughts

    I can’t recall my father’s last words to me. All I remember about that day is how my eyes were full of the open road and the longings of my heart. No embrace, no wave of the hand, solely a hastened goodbye from a smirk-filled mouth, was my offering of farewell. Alas, I [...]