Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash


I am thought

But You are persuasion

I am good intentions

Lost in confusion.


I am sin

Illuminated by my weakness

I am only strong within

When found in meekness.


I am silence

Yet refusing Your words

I am much too defiant

To be heard.


I am a man of double mind

And only half a heart

A man of eyes

Lost in the shadows

Losing sight of the prize.


If I gave it all

I would lose everything

If I answered Your call

I would gain it all.[/one-half-first]


You are singular in purpose

You see beyond the surface

Wise beyond my ways

Your eyes are mercy,

Your hands grace.


You are humble

Despite Your crown

You are more than able

To bring me down

And make me rise

To sit at your table.


My blood is a curse

But Your wounds heal my hurts.


You are strong

In every way I need

You are long in patience

Even to the point of very death.


Ever be my strength

My song

My salvation

My very breath.  [/one-half]

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