Freshly Fallen Hope (Greeting Card Remix)

In the deadness of winter
With your blinking thoughts
Refusing to yield
To anything
But the wind and confusion
Of disappointment and disillusion

In the dreariness of what hinders
With all its blinding cost
And refusal to heal
With your spirit badly shaken
And soul
Left freezing
From the unwanted
Day of reckoning
And silencing
Of the incandescent beckoning

You can still find…

A dream quickly shaken
By your heart quietly breaking
Can become one breath slowly taken
Of a freshly fallen hope
Like a freshly fallen snow.

Desperately running
In every direction
Seeking new beginnings
And only tripping
Over the same old endings

Disparate and cunning
Your best laid plans
Much to your suprise
Became only intentions
Bowing to confessions
That never found their mendings

Yet even if uncertain
And undeserving
You can find
Time will stand still
For one moment
In observance of
All you need
As you give heed to…

One breath
Deeply taken
From the depths
Crying out beyond
The end of hope
For the longing fueled
By unwanted love
But never to be realized

When surrendered to
And overtaken
By a Spirit
Stronger than death
Will lead
To a final new beginning
Worth more than
Just the reclamation
Of a broken path
And abandoned haven
But the purpose
To be trod
To a much more permanent
And sublime destination:
The very arms of God.

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