Man kneeling in prayer on the beach
Gesture of Humility

Feel the tears
Sting your cheek
And find a home on your sleeve

Listen as your spirit
Breaks into pieces
Without number

Watch as your hope
Flees at the first chance
It gets

Touch your nightmare
And find your heart
Failing for fear

See your life
Through tear-stained regrets
Crumble beyond recognition

And know
No pain before or since
Could be more severe

And no matter how
You wish or wince
You have no strength to persevere

You’ve read the stories
Of faith and courage
Of grace sufficient

You’ve heard the tales
But now they seem too tall
Just dreams or fables

Search the Map
See if you took
A wrong turn somewhere

Beg for mercy
Run to look in the mirror
And find none there

What are you now
But a broken vessel
Unaware of your surroundings?

Who are you now?
Not what you were
Just a few moments ago

What to do
Where to turn
Are your appeals still heard?

Are your vows
Still worth all or nothing?
Is your faith still worth something?

Remember your longings
And all you held dear
And the price you paid for them

Count the cost
Of all you loved and lost
And ponder if you miscounted

Think of the night
Gratitude found you
And wouldn’t let go

Be thankful you knew
Even a little joy
You never thought would know you

Pray for the day
Truth will bless you again
And hasten to perform

Ask to be unchained
From your pain
And the burdens of your soul

Seek to know freedom
To cease from belief in lies
And to always hold your Rescuer in high esteem

Knock upon the door of wisdom
Plead for but a few moments
Of understanding

Know the meaning of patience
The merit of experience
And the miracle of a greater strength

Watch as time grows older
And mercy younger
And the chains are removed

Feel the weights
Of sorrow and torment slowly lifted
And liberty befriended

Hear as the door
Is answered
And much needed knowledge is granted

Touch the hand
Offered you
And find comfort on all sides

See the glory
Come down
And fill the darkness

Let go of the grief
And allow the tears
Of tranquility to fall

Hear the words
Of peace spoken
To a deafened ear

Trust the grace
That consumes you
And fall on your face

Feel the heart restoring and life mending
And faith no longer bending
To every false whim

Look up and see the Lord
Loving you through it all
And give your life and love to Him

Finally enter the Gates
And hurt no more
Safe ever in the Arms of Heaven.

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