The Beauty Of The Evening

My eyes cannot seem to rest On anything, Save your face My hands have long been tireless In searching for yours Now with my lips no longer hiding Your name, My heart will arise And call you blessed As all I have despised Has been laid to rest, Overtaken by this exceeding grace Which has [...]

The Incandescent Beckoning

[This is one of my all-time favorites among my writing and I felt was a significant step forward in my progression as a writer due to the depth of the topic and pacing of the rhyming. For the most part I have followed this style for all poetry I have written since.] Midnight awakens And [...]

The Remainder of Wrath

[The last five posts dealt with hyprocisy so I thought I would change the pace and share a quadrilogy of romantic poems. This is the first in the quadrilogy.] Pursuing my anger Has left me with more Than my share, More than I have wanted. Welcoming the danger Of the demands of spite Has caused [...]

We Are All Guilty…And We Are All Sane

We are all guilty… And we are all sane… (Surely I will be sorry Before this day is ended. And I will be abhorred For the greed I have befriended.) These words… This anger… The hidden dangers… The demise of this malfeasance And the rise of humility Must become more well-known Than the name I [...]

A Hypocrite’s Hope (Isaiah 42:16)

I’ve been walking through The ruins of my life Longing desperately To be only a tourist I’ve searched high and low For answers I don’t know And become quite blind In the process. Lacking integrity and understanding I trudge on My thoughts weighing more Than my burdens Many times life is my enemy, My despair [...]

The Audience of One

Awaken! Hurry now! Awaken! The dawn is past The noon is done And the night is come. We need not flee anymore Safety is found In the arms of the darkness Shame is absent In this place Where no one pays heed To your name Or seeks your face. Speak And I will listen Hear [...]

Little Eyes

Burn little eyes With anger beyond hope Scorn all who Care not look at them. Hide little eyes From beyond the scope Of not one or two But all so-called friends. Offer not little eyes Glances never noticed nor wanted Abandon the desires That have already abandoned you. Proffer not thoughts you prize To the [...]

Effigy (Galatians 2:20)

I’m finally silenced But not enough to notice You Or abhor my swearing And all of its ever too grandiose reasons For treason against You. Am I beyond caring? Will apathy rule the day, Every day? Will I rue the day, Every day? Will Your ways ever hold sway And win my heart? How many [...]