The Gloaming (Poetry Version)

In the twilight of faith In a darkening hour When the wick is all but spent I have become A reed bruised But not quite bent. With pain that screams louder Than the Name I have only heard rumors of In my haste I let my hope leave While I continue to grieve My former [...]

Whispering Fears

The whispering fears echo the loudest Reverberating through my mind Like ripples of trepidation That want to keep me off balance Doubt attempts to overwhelm me And crown itself the proudest Resident of my heart Leaving my steps of faith Behind in the distance. Memories of forgotten victories Are lost among the drudgery Of more [...]

A Prayer for Stillness (Psalm 46:10-11)

    I need Your whispers To speak louder Than my complaints Your soft answers To turn away my wrath And offer restraint Your words To overtake my thoughts Your wounds to heal my pain And Your grace to cover my shame.   I surrender the violence Of my confessions To the silence To be [...]

Descend and Wallow

[I started this poem some time ago during a time of severe depression. Due to the often therapeutic effect of writing, I found I couldn't finish it then as writing it began to cheer me up. It is finally done and although admittedly a dark piece, I pray someone finds hope from it.]     [...]

On Separation of Life and Love

[This post is dedicated to my sister-in-law whose father died a year ago this week. This poem was written many years ago when he was on his deathbed. Through God's mercy He granted him several more years to spend with his family. It is my prayer that God provides her and her mother solace and [...]


    Feel the tears Sting your cheek And find a home on your sleeve Listen as your spirit Breaks into pieces Without number Watch as your hope Flees at the first chance It gets Touch your nightmare And find your heart Failing for fear See your life Through tear-stained regrets Crumble beyond recognition And [...]

The Ninth Hour

[This is one of my favorites and I thought a rather daring piece both because of its topic and style. I have decided at this time to not fully explain this poem but if I feel it becomes too often misunderstood than I will. I wouldn't presume to be able to explain why God would [...]

Freshly Fallen Hope

[This poem was inspired by a photograph of a fresh snowfall at dusk taken by a friend and is the final poem in the quadrilogy.  I have learned the hard way that sometimes redemption is found not in the grandiose overnight revolutions we so much long for as in a miracle but in the revelations [...]