Whispering Fears

The whispering fears echo the loudest
Reverberating through my mind
Like ripples of trepidation
That want to keep me off balance

Doubt attempts to overwhelm me
And crown itself the proudest
Resident of my heart
Leaving my steps of faith
Behind in the distance.

Memories of forgotten victories
Are lost among the drudgery
Of more suffering and waiting
And more waiting without patience
For weeping to end
And joy to come in the morning
So I can finally dance

No smile is so honest and complete
As one fought so long for,
So waited for,
And yet given so gracefully
By the Inventor of smiles
When His face finally shines on me again

Despite all of my repeated efforts
To win the day,
To obtain the mercy needed
Among the hoping and bleeding,
To persevere with strength so futile
In coping
And understanding so frail
Among my failings,
When eventide comes
I am again reminded
The day never belonged to me
Nor to the pain, fear, or anxiety.
All claims of custody by any but You
Belie the truth

For the dawn of the morning,
The heat of the day,
And the quiet of the evening,
All belong only to You
And whether time’s account
Tells of peace, pain, or perplexion,
The unshakeable truth
That outweighs all travail and trepidation
Is I belong
To the unchangeable You,
Undergirding my steps,
Lighting my way,
Renewing my strength,
Holding me
Securely forever
In Your loving arms of protection.

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