The Gloaming (Short Story Version- Part V)

Photo by Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash

Part V:  Evening’s Rest and Rebirth


My thoughts are interrupted by a strange and benevolent voice.

“Why are you troubled?” the physician asks tenderly.

I find little courage to answer for obviously I am in the presence of one greater than myself.  I try to get the words out yet stumble in my efforts.  Falling to my knees, unable to raise my head or voice, I manage only to whisper, “Please have mercy on me.”

Without a reply, he places his hand on my shoulder and lifts me up.  Peace overtakes my pain and my breathing becomes deeper and easier as my heart starts to rest in what this physician has done.  My desperation is overcome by a strength and joy I have never experienced.  In meeting him, I have discovered a fullness that permeates my body, soul, and life.  His touch has done what I could not- defeat the torments that refused to leave and given me a reason to live beyond just seeking healing.  Despite my tears, I look one more time in this physician’s face and see the truth that has consumed me- his offer of love and friendship never to be rescinded.  I gladly receive it, having no choice except to completely believe him faithful and deserving of loyalty.

Out of gratitude, I implore him to let me travel with him and serve him.  His gentle reply would stay with me the rest of my days:

“If you want to serve me, please return to your hometown, and tell all you meet what has transpired here, both in your life and what you have witnessed.  Spread my compassion and love by sharing the good news of the gloaming- that with Me, it is never too late and that there is no hopeless cause.  Always remember:  the gloaming doesn’t have to be the waning of the light and the end of hope, but a chance for a new beginning and reason to rejoice.”

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