If It Meant…

I would gladly run around
In the circles of your silence
If it meant
One day we would collide
And find out what could commence.

I will avoid your gaze
For as long as it takes
If it means
Your eyes will become devoid
Of any mistakes
In finding mine.

I would ask God’s help
For patience and strength
To run past every obstacle
To do the impossible
And chase your heart
If it meant
You would but open the door
To a potential miracle.

We are secretly obvious
In the stolen glances
Yet not devious
As our timidity
Prevents any conversation
Or a proper introduction.

Do we dare dance
In the shadows of our minds
Despite the distance
Biding our time
While rejoicing at the unspoken sparks
Between us?
Are they but embers
That won’t last
Or the birth of a flame
That will consume us
Past the point of all resistance?

I would wait
Months on end
If it meant
I could tell you
Of the wondrous mystery
That you are
With a voice so melodious
And eyes of such beauty
They would overwhelm any man
When cast his way.

I would confess
How you possess my thoughts
And consume my attention
In spite of myself
And tell you
How your name fills my prayers
To have the honor
To bless you
If it meant
I was worthy of more
Than a moment’s mention
Of your time.

I would do all of this
And more
If given the chance,
If I  only knew
What it all meant

What does it mean…?

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