One Smile Away

I am overwhelmed
By every glance from you
By attention never anticipated
I am overrun
By thoughts of what could be
And completely overtaken
By the memory
Of the smile
That brought my heart
To its knees.

What do you think
When my expression
Appears nothing more than pensive?
When my interest
Seems nothing more than tentative?

I am silent in my glances
And furtive in my expressions
Yet my heart refuses to be quiet
And screams in riot
For a chance
To voice its thoughts.

Unbeknownst to you
My stoicism
Belies my every intention
As my longing all but betrays
My ability to not mention
How I want the impossible:
To ever be found
In your line of sight
With the reflection of
My eyes lost in yours.

How much longer
Must I hide the passion
Of the burgeoning fire
That ever burns deeper?
Even now I can hardly contain it
Nevermind be able to explain it.

How long can I restrain
And conceal the smoldering desire
Residing in my eyes
But never seen by you?

I wonder yet again,
“What could you possibly see in me
To make me worthy
Of even one glance,
Let alone the most beauteous smile
From your magnificent countenance?”

More than once
I have wanted to ask you
To return my breath
And hear the words
I have not been allowed to speak.
If I could, I would employ
My gaze unceasingly
On God’s amazing work of art
That is you.

I ponder and pray
For the thousandth time
For wisdom and guidance
To walk through the minefield
Of improbabilities
And break through
To reach your heart.

For I have come to realize
No matter how great the obstacles
Or how far the distance,
Whether my feelings
Rise or sway,
Or my doubts
Overtake my faith,
I am continually reminded
That I am
But one smile away
From you capturing my heart
And melting
All of my resistance
For the rest of my days.

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